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Summary0006752: Multi-Track Templates
DescriptionThis feature has been requested a number of times in slightly different terms, but I think it amounts to the same thing:

Have the ability to add multiple pre-defined tracks to an existing session.

See here:
and here:
some more here:

There doesn't seem to be much discussion of this I could find beyond the above.

This is *very* useful in the following workflow: We have started building a song with a basic set of tracks (e.g., click, vox, guitar). Sometime later we wish to add more sophisticated accompaniment (drum tracks/buses will probably be the most common).

In general, it would add considerably to the flexibility and efficiency of building up a session.

On the face of it, this seems like it might be a shoo-in given the very cool existing single-track-template/dupe features, i.e., just save a template containing pointers to multiple tracks (selected by the user).

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related to 0005456 new Ability to import session templates into active sessions 
related to 0005691 new Adding a "group template" facility - idea 
related to 0006465 new feature request - modular templates 



2016-01-28 07:33

reporter   ~0017853

SONOR has the proposed feature:

Simply select a bunch of tracks and choose "Save as template...."


2016-01-29 23:01

reporter   ~0017856

similar to 0006465


2016-03-09 20:46

reporter   ~0018057

It's a 3D app rather than a DAW, but I really like Blender's approach to this. Import lets you open a blend file and select a single or multiple elements from that file to import.

I'd find a similar approach in Ardour to be far more useful than a template system. You could import tracks but not audio, or even a single plugin from existing sessions or ones specifically created as templates.

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