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Summary0006465: feature request - modular templates
Descriptionper Paul, posting here instead of the forum.

The basic idea is modular templates just for groups of tracks/busses.
Additional Information
Instead of saving the entire console as a template, just select an existing group, or manually selected tracks and busses. Then save group template for the selection. Internal (to the selected group) routing would be saved for group submix. External routing would still require setup after the group is added from template.

This could enable us to add the modular template under 'add new track'.

The method would allow an "instrument-centric" approach to building a console per session.

Guitarist wants to add another track with several mics? Just add the template.

Use 20 channels to mix drums, but want to use a different kit? Save all your EQ and compressor settings to a different group template for each kit.

Should be easy to see where I'm going with this. The xml should be easy, just a matter of adding it to the UI.

Thanks for considering the idea.
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