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Summary0005456: Ability to import session templates into active sessions
DescriptionI would like the ability to import session templates into a pre-existing session. Much like track/bus-templates work now, but for an entire track/bus-setup in a pre-existing session. An example scenario:

I start making an acoustical guitar song, so I just start recording my guitar with a few tracks in a new session. After a while, I get the feeling this would work well with drums. I abandon my thought of only making an acoustical guitar song, and I want to add drums to my session.
Now, instead of going through the tedious process of adding tracks for the drums, the appropriate plugins to the right tracks, the correct busses with the correct plugins, etc etc etc, I simply import a session template that's prepared and ready with the drums properly setup to my routing, with plugins, busses and everything.

So, the idea is to be able to add groups of tracks/busses that're prepared, to a pre-existing session. This would enable people to be more efficient, by making templates out of instrument setups etc they usually use. Like a section of violins using the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra etc. I hope you get the point.

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