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0005691ardourfeaturespublic2023-03-13 21:02
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Summary0005691: Adding a "group template" facility - idea
DescriptionCurrently, you can save and load track templates and session templates. They are both useful but there is no in between. What if you could do the same for groups, ie. save group templates. Furthermore to the settings that track templates save, group templates could also save all group settings, colours, etc.

Something like this would be useful for drum recordings with different configurations or perhaps you have different bus configurations that you like to use from time to time. Session templates are useful for similar set ups but may sometimes be overkill. They also aren't very useful if you've already started a session and just want one part of what would make up a session template. Group templates would be a flexible in-between option that would allow you to load up these configurations into a session that is already in progress.

Here's an idea of how it would work -

Right clicking on a group will give you the option to "save group template".

In “add tracks or bus”, underneath add tracks, there would be a drop down menu called “templates” or “group templates” with all saved templates saved into a drop down menu. Track templates could perhaps also be consolidated into this menu if it made sense to do so.
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Save group template.png (17,644 bytes)   

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