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Summary0006156: vbap panner nearly mutes signal in automation mode
Descriptiona track with 4 outputs creates a vbap panner. if i playback the track in manuell mode (no automation) and manually move the point in the panner circle the panner works very good and outputs signal to the 4 outputs depending on the position of the circle. if i activate automation the signal output is very, very low.
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has duplicate 0008446 new Multichannel panner does not pass the audio signal when playing back automation 
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2015-01-30 10:40

administrator   ~0016313

The VBAP panner does currently not support automation.


Ideally, the automation lanes would be unavailable until the time when VPAP automation is
implemented (but doing so is more work than implementing VBAP automation in the first place, hence the current situation)

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