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0009657ardourbugspublic2024-03-08 23:17
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version8.4 
Summary0009657: Surround Sound Panning Automation not working
DescriptionIf you automize the surround sound panner. on playback you see that the panner is moving. But: All surround channels are not playing a sound.

If you open the surround sound panner by hand, you hear the sound and you can pan by hand.

So: You can record or design an automation for the surround sound panner but it is not working during play back. All channels are internally muted on play back.
Steps To ReproduceAutomize a surround sound panner on a midi / instrument channel by setting dedicated points in the automation track or by recording a movement.

switch to automation playback and start playback of your production

the panner is moving but the surround sound channels do not play a sound.
Tagsautomation, pan, Surround


duplicate of 0006156 acknowledged vbap panner nearly mutes signal in automation mode 
duplicate of 0008364 acknowledged >2ch tracks panning mutes in Play, Touch or Latch 
duplicate of 0008446 new Multichannel panner does not pass the audio signal when playing back automation 


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