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0008446bugs2020-10-19 12:11
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PlatformAMD64 Ryzen 9OSLinuxOS VersionopenSUSE Tw
Product Version6.3 
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Summary0008446: Multichannel panner does not pass the audio signal when playing back automation
Descriptionsee subject
Steps To ReproduceCreate a session with 5-channel master, and a mono track connected to the master.
Import some audio, play it. All is well.
Now write some automation to azimuth, width, or both. Set automation mode to "play" on these parameters.
What I see: the panner moves as automated, but there is no more audio from this track reaching the master. Metering "post-fader" shows level, "output" doesn't.
What I expect: audio signal should still reach the master bus from an automated n-channel panner.
When automation is switched off on all panner parameters, the audio again reaches the master.
Additional Informationcurrent ardour git (rev 6.3-200-g16d9e72c31) on latest openSUSE Tumbleweed, compiled with VST3 support.
Tagsautomation, panner


duplicate of 0006156 acknowledged vbap panner nearly mutes signal in automation mode 


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