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0000211bugs2007-02-15 13:13
ReporteroofusAssigned Topaul 
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Platformi686OSLinuxOS VersionMDK 9.2
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Summary0000211: Most buttons do not show their status (colour) when the mouse is hovering over them
DescriptionClick on a solo/cut/record ... etc button and it depresses as it should do; however it does not change its colour until the mouse has moved outside of the boundry of the button. Move the mouse back over the button and its intended colour goes away.

Quite trivial but also quite anoying.
Steps To ReproduceClick any button, hover the mouse over the button. Colour is a gray instead of the correct one. move the mouse away from the button, colour is as it should be. Hover mouse back over the button, colour goes away again.
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has duplicate 0000094 closedpaul Hovering over active (red) rec buttons changes colour 
related to 0001380 closedpaul beta 8: Color of switches when selected / pressed 



2004-02-11 19:38

administrator   ~0000407

We cannot fix this in GTK+ 1.X. Widgets have a "prelight" state that cannot be disabled in any general way, and not even all the time for the widgets where it can be disabled. After we port to GTK+ 2.X, we hope to disable prelighting completely.


2006-11-06 18:21

administrator   ~0002682

So is this fixed with the change to gtk2?


2006-11-06 20:26

reporter   ~0002688

Unfortunately not. It has changed slightly though. The colour you get when hovering the mouse over a lit button is it's unlit colour rather than grey now.
The most annoying one is the channel record arm button, when clicked it's pastel red. When the master record is enabled and the track is recording, it's bright red. If you hover over the track record enable button it turns pastel red again and stays that way.
Quiet miss-leading !!


2006-11-06 20:35

administrator   ~0002689

Could this be a theme problem?


2007-01-27 18:09

administrator   ~0003115

alas, i was wrong about the ability to disable prelighting.

basically, this cannot be fixed until the GTK team see the problem with prelighting. i must check that there is a bug filed for this in GNOME bugzilla.


2007-01-27 18:56

developer   ~0003120

So how did you make the transport keys not exhibit prelighting ?


2007-02-13 16:42

administrator   ~0003230

fixed in svn.


2007-02-15 00:33

developer   ~0003287

Fixed for the important buttons (Rec, Solo and Mute), others still exhibit the behaviour.


2007-02-15 13:13

administrator   ~0003299

i don't intend to remove "prelight" from every button, only those where its presence causes confusion in users about the current state of the button.

if you think there are other buttons where this confusion exists, please list them.

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