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0001380other2008-11-20 23:49
ReporterbmuellerAssigned Topaul 
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Summary0001380: beta 8: Color of switches when selected / pressed
DescriptionIf I go over a swich with the mouse it gets the same color, as when it is pressed, what sometimes is very confusing. I would prefer it, if the coulor wasn´t that intense, when you just put the mouse over a switch.
Additional InformationMacBook
Mac OS X 10.4
Intel Core Duo 2 GHz, 2 GB Ram
Recording on external Firewire Drive
Fireface 800 Soundcard
Jack 101.3
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related to 0000211 closedpaul Most buttons do not show their status (colour) when the mouse is hovering over them 



2007-02-12 03:31

administrator   ~0003217

I believe this has just been fixed in SVN.


2007-02-13 16:43

administrator   ~0003232

fixed in svn, will be in the next beta release.

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