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0000998features2020-04-19 20:12
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Summary0000998: Vertically Enlarge All Tracks at Once
DescriptionCurrently its only possible to verticaly enlarge one track at a time, but it would be nice to be able to be able to do them all at once. I think you can do this in Cubase and Digital Performer, if you want to check out one of those programs to see what I'm talking about.
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related to 0001670 closedseablade GUI handle to change height of track instead of menu 
has duplicate 0001210 closedtaybin Would be nice if there was a way to globally change the height of all tracks in the editor. 



2009-08-24 22:31

administrator   ~0006598

With 3.0 SVN you can now select multiple tracks and resize them, or you can click the track zoom button, so I'm marking this as resolved. Please re-open the bug if you have any comments. Thanks for your contribution!


2020-04-19 20:12

developer   ~0021455

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