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0009678ardourbugspublic2024-03-27 21:36
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Summary0009678: Ardour and a multi monitor setup und Linux
DescriptionThis ticket is about Ardour and a multi monitor setup und Linux

I know that this scenario is very rare, but at least for me it is also very annoying, how Ardour is acting if you have more than one monitor connected. The main topic is the positioning of the dialog boxes and the plugin windows.

Under Linux, a multi monitor setup is made of a large virtual desktop canvas on which the different monitors are placed and operated by xrandr. The size of this big canvas is calculated of the maximums and minimums of all x and y positions and dimension of all "connected" monitors, that are needed to place onto this big canvas. One of the monitors is the primary screen. This primary screen is the one where e.g. the program launch bar is shown. Also Ardour uses the primary screen to present the GUI.

The issue(s):

It seems to be that Ardour is using this big canvas as the border of the a "Monitor" for positioning sub-windows or dialog boxes. It is starting with the splash image: This is positioned on the middle of the big canvas and not in the middle of that primary monitor.

After loading all pluigins, the main GUI of Ardour is shown on the primary monitor. But: If you open a dialog of a plugin, it is shown (randomly?) on any screen of your setup. The same with the dialog boxes like: "Do you really want to delete this?..."

The main problem I have here: My screens are registered at xrandr as screens, but can be switched on and off. Normally, xrandr will detect that but if you connect a monitor by using an AV-Receiver, this is not always the case. So, in my case here, the dialog boxes and plugin windows were shown on this switched-off screen :-).

My suggestion to fix that quickly:

I would suggest to fix this problem by using the dimensions and position of the primary screen on the big canvas for showing dialog and plugin GUI windows. Even if there are more monitors, the dialog boxes should always be shown in front of the user and not on any monitor.

I know, that this is not easy to fix, because the window manager Ardour is running on my differ from installation to installation and this could cause different behaviors. Also to test that is not easy.

I offer you, that I do beta testing for a possible bugfix of this issue. Just send me a mail.
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