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0009592ardourfeaturespublic2024-01-03 00:15
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Summary0009592: Track Template Folders (and search)
DescriptionFor folks who rely heavily on Track Templates, I think it would be very useful to be able to use a folder/tree structure in the "Add Track/Bus/VCA" and "Manage Templates" Dialogs (see attached mockups). This would also help maintain order should the idea of "Multi-Track" or "Group" templates ever be implemented, eg:

As a bonus, including a Search functionality as in the "Favorite Plugins" (see "Manage Templates" mockup"). Don't know if this is worthy of a separate Tracker Issue.
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2023-12-31 19:21


Add-Track-Folder-mockup.png (108,757 bytes)   
Add-Track-Folder-mockup.png (108,757 bytes)   
Track-Folders-mockup.png (74,197 bytes)   
Track-Folders-mockup.png (74,197 bytes)   


2024-01-03 00:15

reporter   ~0028440

I like the idea! Under your Track Folders Mockup, I think an additional tab for "Buss Templates" would be helpful.

 This may be getting to be too much but, maybe a tab for 'Ardour Open Source Templates' that would have templates using only open source plugins, and submitted to Github to get included with Ardour.

Another suggestion would be an "Online Templates" tab, where users can share templates, but I could see that getting too messy.

Just some thoughts......

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