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0008810bugs2021-10-10 17:11
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Product Version6.9 
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Summary0008810: Jack connections are not reestablished after disconnecting from and reconnecting to jack
DescriptionWhen disconnecting from jack from the audio setup window, all tracks and busses are disconnected from jack as they should. When reconnecting to jack from the same menu, no connection is reestablished. I had seen this in 6.8 as well.
Steps To Reproduce- make sure jackd is running
- create new empty session and use jack as audio backend
- add a few audio tracks and / or busses (preferably auto-connecting), check that all tracks / busses are connected to hw inputs and master bus
- bring up the audio setup window
- disconnected from jack, but leave jackd running
- check that all tracks and busses are connected to nothing, master bus ins have lost all connections as well
- reconnect to jack: no connection is back

Additional InformationAs far as I know, 6.8 has the same bug. I also noticed that occasionally, after disconnecting from jack, ardour may crash when clicking on some button.
A session example is added with 4 audio tracks, none of them are connected after the above actions.
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