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0008643ardourotherpublic2021-04-25 13:20
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Summary0008643: Snapshots can severely degrade performance
DescriptionMy project has grown to 5 GB. There were only 12 snapshots in it. I had big problems with recording on one track, because before the recording started, there was a delay of about 3-6 seconds all the time, and after the end of the recording, there was also a delay of about 5-15 seconds. There was also a delay before switching the playlist of 5-10 seconds.
I tried cleaning up unused sources and it only cleared 300MB. This did not help to increase productivity (and the cleaning process took more than 2 hours). But when I deleted all 12 snapshots and repeated the cleaning, it cleared more than 3GB and after that the delays before and after recording were reduced to 1-2 seconds and the delay before switching the playlist disappeared.
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2021-04-22 00:37

administrator   ~0025744

Snapshots can have no impact at all on performance. A given instance of Ardour has no idea how many snapshots exist. It only loads (or even looks at) the one you specify. The only times it looks for snapshots are:

1) when presenting an expandible list of snapshots to open
2) during session cleanup

This is not to say that your problems are not happening, but they are not caused by snapshots.


2021-04-23 06:55

reporter   ~0025760

Problems are most likely caused by a large number of unused sources that slow down saving, and snapshots prevent these sources from being cleaned up.


2021-04-23 14:20

administrator   ~0025763

Sources don't slow down saving (saving the session only saves metadata about the source files, not the files). But lots and lots of regions will slow things down (this is a long term problem that we're slowly making progress on.


2021-04-25 13:20

reporter   ~0025768

OK, thank you for the information. The next time the save slows down a lot again, I'll try cleaning up unused regions (not sources). If it works, then I will no longer be afraid to use snapshots.
 No, though. After that: I'll never stop being afraid of snapshots.

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