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0008626bugs2021-05-16 21:31
ReportererojahnAssigned Tox42 
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Product Version6.6 
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Summary0008626: GUI pool out of memory when inserting silence.
DescriptionI have a project with 26 Tracks and when i try to insert silence to all tracks the project crashes. I get the message that the GUI pool is out of memory and i should recpompile with larger size.
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related to 0008576 closedx42 "GUI POOL OUT OF MEMORY" crash when using Alt+7 on a group of audio clips 



2021-03-21 13:49

administrator   ~0025625

Do you mean Track > Insert Time?

How do you "insert silence"? Can you share the .ardour session file and a description how you reproduce the issue?

In a quick test with 32 tracks, insert time works fine here. So there must be an additional factor in your case (many regions, automation or..)


2021-03-21 18:19

reporter   ~0025627

Yes, i do mean that.
Before doing the menu clicking i just select all tracks with strg+t. Then Track>Insert Time. I try to add 8 bars.
On the end of the Project it does work. I also tried it in the beginning of the projects, so there are no regions under the positionmarker. There it doesnt work.
So it seems maybe it is just too much to move around... There is pretty heavy processing on the Tracks. I have another installation of 6.5 and there it works.
Do you mean this file?


2021-03-21 18:22

reporter   ~0025628

The file was too big here is the compressed file.


2021-03-21 18:23

reporter   ~0025629

ok something doesnt work with the upload


2021-03-21 18:32

reporter   ~0025630

Here it is:
Password is Ardour6.6


2021-03-21 18:46

administrator   ~0025631

Got the file (you can remove it again). Thanks


2021-03-21 18:49

administrator   ~0025632

reproduced the issue (adding 8 bars at session-start).


2021-03-21 21:47

administrator   ~0025634

Fixed in 6.6.157 - please test


2021-05-16 21:31

viewer   ~0025856

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