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0008576bugs2021-04-16 14:15
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Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008576: "GUI POOL OUT OF MEMORY" crash when using Alt+7 on a group of audio clips
DescriptionI've been changing region gain on a bunch of audio clips in a project, while suddenly when I ha eve hit Alt+7 about 40th time in this session I saw this error dialog:


I'm running an official 6.5 build of Ardour.

What I've noticed in the session before was very heavy GUI slowdown - I've heard that Surge 1.8 is causing these slowdowns, maybe this is a terminal result of that?


related to 0008626 closedx42 GUI pool out of memory when inserting silence. 



2021-02-15 14:14



2021-02-15 15:01

reporter   ~0025522

I've unwillingly reproduced this in the same way:

1. Strip Silence off of a minute-long audio clip
2. Move these, move some to a second audio track and rearrange them on two audio tracks
3. Select groups of the m in the Grab mode and reduce region gain with Alt+7 repeatedly.
4. Get the error message


2021-02-15 15:08

reporter   ~0025523

So far I've tried pressing Alt+7 repeatedly much slower to avoid tripping this wire. Successfully.


2021-03-22 01:32

administrator   ~0025635

Significantly improved the situation in 6.6.159.

It's still possible to trigger this by when changing regions on many different tracks and press+hold Alt+6/7 with key-repeat.
Previously every region caused 2 events to be queued (up to 4096) which are then slowly processed. Now it's only 2 per track.

There's ongoing work to improve this further.


2021-03-22 01:58

administrator   ~0025636

to elaborate: when the gain changes, the track's playback buffer is re-read from disk with the gain-change applied.

Region:read() data from disk is the "slow" part. with repeated changes many disk-reads were queued.
This is no further mitigated by merging consolidating requests. in 6.6.160


2021-04-16 14:15

viewer   ~0025708

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