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0008472bugs2021-02-19 23:52
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Product Version6.3 
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Summary0008472: Newly added audio tracks are not correctly compensated for latency until Ardour session is reloaded
DescriptionWhen I add one track to a new sassion, the compensation works fine.
On a second and next newly added tracks latency compensation is wrong, leading to the recording being off.


related to 0008365 new Randomly introduced latency 
related to 0008304 feedbackx42 Latency compensation failure 
has duplicate 0008502 feedback Duplicate tracks are not correctly aligned 
has duplicate 0008575 feedbackx42 Newly added audio tracks have unexpected and uncompensated latency 
has duplicate 0008564 assignedx42 New track has a short delay. 



2020-11-21 20:10

administrator   ~0025247

I cannot reproduce this. Does this only happen with jack? and if so which version of jack?


2020-11-21 20:16

reporter   ~0025248

Ah, yes I forgot to mention it is with JACK v1.9.12


2020-11-21 22:59

reporter   ~0025249

I'm affected by this issue as well and it's quite easy to see that adding tracks to loaded session are not in sync with the existing tracks. This covers both audio and midi tracks.

As requested I did a "jack_lsp -l" after
1. adding a track to existing project
2. saving the project and reloading it

Ardour_jack_latency_dbg.log (8,228 bytes)


2020-11-21 23:04

reporter   ~0025250

I'll upload to new file as the copy & paste from terminal was borked in the last post and this forum does not seem to support editing.

Ardour_jack_latency_dbg2.log (9,731 bytes)


2020-11-21 23:47

reporter   ~0025251

And before forgetting I also have JACK2 1.9.12 so that seems to match.


2020-11-21 23:57

reporter   ~0025252

Also this seems to consider only new tracks being added to existing projects. After saving and loading a project everything is in sync again.

To mitigate this issue a pool of needed (audio, midi, bus) tracks can be created in advance and then saving and loading the project again as changing tracks routing and plugins does not affect the latency.


2020-11-25 10:36

reporter   ~0025267

I can confirm this issue with Ardour 6.3 on Ubuntu 20.4 using JACK. I also have this problem when I use the import dialog to load an audio file into a new track of an existing project.


2021-01-14 02:25

administrator   ~0025418

Possibly fixed in 6.5-120-g0c81ba33d2, please test!


2021-01-26 19:15

reporter   ~0025471


Sorry this took a while to try but I tested using Jack with 6.5-172-g046d7d01f5 build which I pulled from git master branch and the problem is still present. However as I'm not sure which commit was related to the potential fix so I'm not sure if it's included in my build or not. (or if there's something related to build environment)


2021-02-15 11:32

reporter   ~0025521

I just tried with and the bug is still there.
I'm using jackdmp 1.9.17.


2021-02-19 23:52

administrator   ~0025536

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FIxed in 6.5-264-g4a5b355d3d


2021-02-19 23:52

viewer   ~0025537

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