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0008317bugs2020-09-16 14:16
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Product Version6.2 
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Summary0008317: MIDI track are created with no output routing
DescriptionWhen creating a MIDI track with an instrument plug-in in Ardour 5.12, the audio outputs were automatically routed to Master bus.
in Ardour 6.2 they're not, so the user needs to manually conenect them to have any sound output.


related to 0008307 closedx42 Fan out creates redundant audio routing 



2020-07-18 19:00

administrator   ~0024766

I cannot reproduce this. Can you run a debug-build of ardour 6.2-34 (or later) and start it with `Ardour6 -DPortConn` in a terminal or from the source-tree ./ardev -DPortConn
That will print debug messages for auto-connect.


2020-07-18 23:39

administrator   ~0024767

Fixed since Ardour 6.2-42-gc778ded411


2020-09-16 14:16

viewer   ~0025033

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