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0008313ardourfeaturespublic2022-11-01 13:23
ReporterOliver Assigned Tox42  
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Platformx86_64OSXubuntuOS Version18.04LTS
Product Version6.2 
Summary0008313: Preference window needs scrollbars
DescriptionOn my 1024x768 screen, I need to detach the preferences to see all of the editor and mixer when in
full screen mode (Maximise Editor Space).

The detached preference window is still too large and I need to move the window around to see all entries,
sometimes awkwardly so if the interesting part is on the bottom (selecting first 'Move' from the window
manager menu, then place it with the mouse). There is no way to resize the preference window.

The usual remedy for this, I believe, are scrollbars.
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2020-10-28 09:59

reporter   ~0025177

Another window that is too large on my screen is the 'Edit Export Format Profile' window.

Couldn't all secondary windows have scrollbars if exceeding the screen size?


2020-11-01 21:48

administrator   ~0025187

Try Preferences > Appearance > GUI and font scaling and make Ardour smaller. Scaling is relative to the default desktop font-size and a scaling of 0000088:0000085% - 90% is usually required for small screens <= 1024x768.

Full widow scrollbars are tricky to add in a way that does not otherwise interfere with native min. window sizes, and it's hard to justify spending time on this in 2020 where most screens are 4k or 8k.


2020-11-01 22:00

reporter   ~0025188

I do use GUI scaling already, indeed in the suggested range, as otherwise the main window overflows. Some secondary windows are still way larger than my screen.

I was hoping (apparently in vain) that it would just be a few lines of code to add scrollbars (also hiding automatically when not need), as in other GUI tool kits (e.g. Qt).

I agree that this screen size is less common, on the other hand it was always a strength of Linux versus windows to not make working hardware obsolete so quickly. It is possible to work around this with window manager functions, but it is awkward.


2020-11-01 22:19

administrator   ~0025189

Same problem with QT. It would enable resizing regardless of screen-size.


2020-11-01 22:35

administrator   ~0025190

Which dialogs are affected?

The export-profile dialog could be fixed with some re-layout. make it wider less tall.


2020-11-01 23:00

reporter   ~0025191

Quickly scanning through the available windows:

'Preferences' - too wide after selecting the 'Transport' category
'Edit Export Format Profile' - too high
'Transport Masters' - too wide

The Preferences initially fit on the screen (after program start), but by selecting the 'Transport' category they expand horizontally. Then, even if selecting another category, they do not revert to the previous width anymore.

al f

2020-11-08 09:08

reporter   ~0025209

I have the same or a very similar problem on Ardour (version 5.12 up to 6.3) on (X)Ubuntu Studio 18.04. Toshiba laptop with 1366x768 screen resolution.

GUI scaling is not really an option for me as I would struggle to read the text if smaller than default.

Opening Ardour first time, the main window is too high. Selecting 'Maximise Editor Space' fixes this, deselecting reverts. The titlebar button to maximise does nothing.

Most of the windows accessible from the Window menu fit on the screen, but not these:

'Preferences' - too high (from first opening, can't resize it - the arrow changes to a moving hand as soon as I click it)
'Edit Export Format Profile' - too high (can't see nor reach the buttons cancel / save).
'Mixer' - if detached OK, if attached the main frame OK but some of the contents a little too big. See screenshots


2020-11-18 18:39

administrator   ~0025238

The Export Profile Dialog layout was updated, and it should now fit on smaller screens.


2020-11-24 10:07

reporter   ~0025262

Thanks, this dialog is good now with ardour 6.5. Would be nice if also Preferences/Transport and Transport Masters could be updated if scrollbars are out of the question.


2020-11-24 13:39

administrator   ~0025263

Yes, that's the idea.
The Transport master window will be next, since that's also used in preferences.

al f

2020-12-04 10:55

reporter   ~0025287

Ardour 6.5 fixed these, thank you very much!

- Size of main window now good, regardless of 'Maximise Editor Space' being selected or not. The titlebar buttons now works as expected.
- 'Edit Export Format Profile' - good size, accesible controls.

These issues remain (minor, as they do not lose access to any controls):

- 'Mixer' - if detached OK, if attached the main frame OK but some of the contents a little too big.
- Preferences dialog still overflowing (but all options accessible)

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