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0000088ardourfeaturespublic2023-08-22 06:40
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Summary0000088: Track rulers
DescriptionIt would be a nice to have 'rulers' to provide visual division between "groups" of tracks.


 Main Vocals
 Doubled vocals
 ---- (ruler)
 Chorus I
 Chorus II
 ---- (ruler)
 Guitar I

Just to be clear, I'm not talking about the groups as already defined and used in Ardour, but just logical groups that humans tend to categorize things by.
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2003-10-24 19:48

administrator   ~0000085

That would be neat, but I think this should be post-1.0.


2023-08-21 20:43

reporter   ~0027986

Twenty years later I guess we can say this one will not be done. At least one alternative solution is groups with specific colors.

Better close this ticket no?


2023-08-22 06:40

developer   ~0027988

Heh, definitely time to close this one!

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