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0008063bugs2020-06-27 00:15
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PlatformIntel i3 laptopOSLinuxOS VersionMint 19 Cinnamon
Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0008063: 6rc1.107: Half-Crash on channel PFL
DescriptionAfter a PFL selection, audio would stop, meters froze at current state, and the transport became unresponsive. I could still select channel strips and they would highlight. I could also open up the log window (Though the log did not have any new entries). I could also select every main menu at the top and their drop-downs would open up. yet, none of their action would work. Trying to Close the session did nothing.
Steps To ReproduceIn the Edit window. Opened up an LSP plugin on a channel. Pressed the channel's PFL.

Note: I was doing this in the Edit window. I noticed that the little Horizontal channel strip's PFL button, when pressed, would not look engaged. yet, since I have the edit window view set so each selected track's mixer strip shows up on the left side, I could see that strip had it's PFL engaged. Once this half-locked up state happens, you cannot disengage the PFL.

gdb file is attached.
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related to 0008055 closedx42 Ardour 6.0.rc1.82 - Session Crash 



2020-04-28 00:15


Ardour 6rc1.107 gdb output (60,649 bytes)


2020-04-28 00:37

administrator   ~0023977

Fixed in 6.0-rc1-120-g24d3bf25a9


2020-04-28 00:49

reporter   ~0023978

x42, that was a fast resolve! Can't wait to download 120.


2020-06-27 00:15

viewer   ~0024511

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