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0008019translation2020-04-24 02:29
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Summary0008019: Update french translation
DescriptionI had forgotten to add my name to the translators list... It's done now, line 79, but I can't modify the line in the original language!
By the way, since a lot of free time is avalailable, I could try to polish the translation. Do we have a plenty of time before the Ardour 6.0 launch?
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duplicate of 0008035 resolvedx42 update french translation 



2020-04-18 06:39


0001-update-french-translation.patch.bz2 (41,113 bytes)


2020-04-18 22:26

administrator   ~0021382

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Sadly this diff no longer applies. It looks like it includes all the previous changes that were already merged.

I don't know how long it will be before 6.0 is released, however after 6.0 we plan to resume a bi-monthly release cycle. So 6.1 will not be long after.


2020-04-19 11:36

reporter   ~0021387

Thanks for the news.
I am polishing the translation, and will upload a commit in the beginning of next week.
But there are some lines that I would like to speak with someone before. Could we schedule 10 min of work together please?


2020-04-24 02:29

administrator   ~0023892

Continued on 0008035

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