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0007968bugs2020-07-03 04:09
ReporterjohnzoAssigned Tojohmue-eo 
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PlatformSome Other LinuxOSSome Other LinuxOS Versionunknown
Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0007968: Session templates from 5.12 not available in 6.0-pre1
DescriptionHave a long-evolving session template in 5.12 that's been a big timesaver, but that
template is not present when I launch 6.0-pre1
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch Ardour 6.0-pre1
2. "New Session"
3. List of templates does not include templates I saved in 5.12 -- it includes only "Empty Template",
"Advanced Session", and "Recording Session"
Additional InformationSuccessfully worked around by loading a 5.12 song built from the template into 6.0 and then saving it as a template.


related to 0007971 closedjohmue-eo Session Templates cannot be imported with Ardour 6 



2020-04-02 22:43

developer   ~0021142

By 41fa647 from 2020/04/02 it is possible to import a5 templates in a6. So launch ardour5 and go to Windows->Templates and click on "Export all". Then start ardour6 and also go to Windows->Templates and import the archive file that you previously exported in ardour5.

The plugins should then be available in ardour6.

Can you please test and report if that works?


2020-05-30 13:39

reporter   ~0024313

I tried to do “Export Everything” and import into Ardour 6 and nothing works. No error or notice. Just an empty list after import. (tried to restart)


2020-05-31 12:32

developer   ~0024321

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Can you attach the template archive here, so that I can check what's going wrong?


2020-05-31 14:46

reporter   ~0024322


ArdourTemplates4Migrationto6.tar.xz (344,699 bytes)


2020-05-31 15:48

developer   ~0024323

Obviously something went wrong in your template export. Paths in your template archive are `route_templates/emplates/<template_name>/...` but they are supposed to be `route_templates/<template_name>/...` Without the `emplates`.

I am attaching a repaired version of your archive file that imports to Ardour6 without problems.

Remains the question, what happened during your export in Ardour 5.12. Can you elaborate a little on how you have done the export?

What exact version of Ardour were you using for the export?

From where is the installation of your Ardour 5.12? ( Some distro?)

Have you changed something in your configuration? In particular paths.

ArdourTemplates4Migrationto6-repaired.tar.xz (344,304 bytes)


2020-05-31 16:54

reporter   ~0024324

Window -> Templates -> TrackTemplates -> ExportAll -> Select Volume "Tmp" -> Input Name of file -> OK

apt show ardour
Package: ardour
Version: 1:5.12.0-3
Priority: optional
Section: universe/sound

Info from "About":
Ardour 5.12.0
"Working Backwards"
(???????? 1:5.12.0-3)
Intel 64-bit

Language - russian.

Most likely this is the version that was installed automatically with Ubuntu Studio 19.10 but this is not accurate. I have Ardour bought from the official site, and when problems begin I can sometimes install it, but it seems to me I did not do this this time.

The strangest thing I did with the settings is that I store the settings directory (~ / .config / ardour5) on a separate disk volume and point to it using a symbolic link.


2020-05-31 17:16

reporter   ~0024325

Thank for repairing template pack. Everything is almost fine there except for the plug-in a-MIDI Monitor. It turns off and does not turn on until you delete it and add the plugin again. I think this is all because LUA plugins are built-in.


2020-06-01 08:31

developer   ~0024339

I have no explanation for the observed behavior.

I did some experiments with ~/.config/ardour5 symlinked to a separate volume. I suspected non-ascii characters in the path to the config dir, but I could not reproduce a broken template export.


2020-07-03 04:09

administrator   ~0024573

this appears resolved. if not, open a more specific report. thanks.


2020-07-03 04:09

viewer   ~0024574

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