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0007941bugs2020-05-26 07:54
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
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Summary0007941: Snap not initialized for midi regions
DescriptionSnap not initialized for midi regions for the very first region you create
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a new project
2) Add a midi track (doesn't need an instrument)
3) Make sure Snap is on, doesn't matter which value, so Bar is fine.
4) Create a region and try to get the region to start at the very beginning of project.
5) Note how the start point of the region does not adhere to any snapping settings.
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has duplicate 0007949 closedBenLoftis First snapping in session does not work 



2020-04-05 14:39

administrator   ~0021179

Fixed in 6.0-pre1-56-g4162f0f1ba


2020-05-26 07:54

viewer   ~0024268

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