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0007895bugs2020-02-05 19:58
ReporteralexmitchellmusAssigned Topaul 
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Product Version6.0-pre0 
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Summary0007895: Changing MIDNAM preset in track-header will revert to Plugin Provided upon project reload
DescriptionIf a user changes the MIDNAM preset for a given MIDI track, (for MIDNAM display) reloading the project (shutting down Ardour and restarting) the saved projects MIDNAM preset will not be shown, and the MIDI track will be set to `Plugin Provided`
Steps To ReproduceSimple test:

* Make a project with one midi track
* Change MIDNAM preset of track
* Save project
* Close Ardour
* Reopen Ardour
* Load saved project

* MIDNAM preset is set to `Plugin Provided` not user set value
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2020-02-03 04:06



2020-02-05 19:58

administrator   ~0020953

hopefully fixed in ee43db8b5410c

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