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0005654ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:16
ReporterDazgard Assigned Tox42  
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Summary0005654: Ardour 3 does not save/remember midnam selection
DescriptionArdour version : 3.3 upstream and 3.3 git head.
NOTE : The "Product Version" list in mantis is not uptodate

Ardour does not remember midi patch file selection when the patch name has more than one entry.

The "Generic" entry has two "sub" values : "MIDI" and "General Midi".
Selecting "General Midi" will never be saved.

Seems like only the first "CustomDeviceMode name" will be saved

furthermore, changing the midnam from the drop down menu does not mark the session as in need to be saved.

if more info is needed please let me know
Additional Informationsee the attached screenshot file
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has duplicate 0007895 resolved Changing MIDNAM preset in track-header will revert to Plugin Provided upon project reload 


2013-08-13 02:43


ardour midnam bug.png (16,065 bytes)   
ardour midnam bug.png (16,065 bytes)   


2020-04-15 01:54

administrator   ~0021350

Fixed (again) in Fixed in 6.0-pre1-90-g42af08fb92


2020-04-19 20:16

developer   ~0023266

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