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0007727ardourbugspublic2019-02-23 19:22
Reportertsg1zzn Assigned Tox42  
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9 Stretch
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007727: Ardour can't save most of the time - asterisk doesn't disappear
DescriptionVersion 5.5.0 1:5.5.0~dfsg-1+b1

Most of the time, Ardour can't / doesn't save. When pressing Ctrl+S (or selecting the menu item), the asterisk signaling modified in the title bar, does not disappear. After restarting Ardour, it can be confirmed that the changes were indeed NOT saved. Even hitting Ctrl+S many times, doesn't help.

Related to bug 0007379, only in that case the reporter states that the changes are actually saved.

Usually there is no error message. Sometimes I have received an error message communicating that ardour couldn't save, after quitting and selecting the "save and quit" option.

Ardour is unusable with this problem.
Steps To Reproduce1. Modify a new project, for instance by adding a midi track and assigning an instrument to it in the mixer panel.
2. Observe asterisk in title bar.
3. Press Ctrl+S or the save menu item.
4. Observe that the asterisk is still there.
5. Quit Ardour.
6. Open Ardour, the modifications made in step 1 are gone.
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duplicate of 0007379 new Sometimes asterisk dosen't disappear when pressing Ctrl+S 



2019-02-20 22:12

administrator   ~0020593

Are there any messages in Menu > Window > Log ? Is that still an issue with Ardour 5.12 ?


2019-02-22 14:18

reporter   ~0020595

Thank you, there are messages there. Ardour refuses to save because it is disconnected from the audio system. I was trying to achieve the lowest possible latency, and changing the settings all the time. I guess Ardour is usable now that I know this.

This behavior assumes that one can simply reconnect to the audio system and save, which may not be true (especially if you do not know about this behaviour). There must also be a reason that the system was disconnected in the first place.

If Ardour tries to connect to the audio system, but fails for some reason, it hangs, so it becomes impossible to save, so it would be safer if it was possible to save before trying that.


2019-02-22 19:41

administrator   ~0020596

I suggest to update. Ardour 5.12 can save a session even if the audio-system is offline.


2019-02-23 19:15

reporter   ~0020597

Thank you. This bug can be closed now.

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