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0007379ardourbugspublic2019-02-20 22:08
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Platformamd64OSGNU/LinuxOS VersionDebian 8
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007379: Sometimes asterisk dosen't disappear when pressing Ctrl+S
DescriptionWorking on a project and after a while when I press Ctrl+S (or Save) the asterisk before the project's name (in the window title) doesn't disappear.
When you close the Ardour you'll have all three options "Don't quit", "Just quit", and "Save and quit", instead of two options "Don't Quit" and "Just Quit".

The changes are actually saved since if I close and choose "Just Quit", the changes are there.

Steps To ReproduceI couldn't understand how to reproduce exactly, I almost in every projects after a moment this behavior starts to appear and remains for the rest of the changes I am doing in that project.


Opened the project where one track was soloed. Modified the fader envelope in the track (asterisk appeared). then pressed Ctrl+S (asterisk disappeared). Unsoloed all tracks (asterisk appeared). After that every changes I am doing and press Ctrl+S, doesn't make asterisk to disappear.
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has duplicate 0007727 closedx42 Ardour can't save most of the time - asterisk doesn't disappear 



2017-05-28 09:31

reporter   ~0019747

Forgot the Ardour version: Ardour 5.8.0


2019-02-20 22:03

administrator   ~0020592

One case is when a parameter is automated and you play. Effect parameter changes -> session is marked as modified.

In any case it's not that save doesn't work, it's rather that something marks the session as modified right after saving, again.

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