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0007331ardourbugspublic2017-05-08 11:58
ReporterMatt234 Assigned To 
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Product Version5.8 
Summary0007331: Some elements don't scale with HiDPI displays
DescriptionHiDPI support is almost perfect now. Some quirks left:

- The rulers toolbar is too cramped
- Vertical text for group names does not scale
- Can't make mixer strip larger

See attached screenshot. This is on a Dell XPS 13 (3200x1800 resolution with max GUI and Fonts scaling in Ardour).
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related to 0007226 closedx42 EDITOR -- Rulers need more vertical space 



2017-04-26 13:11



2017-05-04 23:31

reporter   ~0019656

I've attached a potential fix for the rulers in 0007226.

Note that there are a lot of gui elements (checkboxes come to mind) that don't scale.
And then there are the plugins...


2017-05-05 12:06

administrator   ~0019658

Rulers and Group-tabs should scale since Ardour 5.8-648-g833515586

Gtk::Checkboxes and other unscaled Gtk Widgets will eventually be removed in favor of scalable ArdourButtons. Most should already be gone, except the ones preference dialog and a couple of other dialogs.


2017-05-08 04:15

developer   ~0019662


- The rulers toolbar is too cramped
- Vertical text for group names does not scale

Should now be fixed?

So that leaves:

- Can't make mixer strip larger

I'm sorry can you please explain in more detail what the issue(s) is and how it relates to HiDPI?


2017-05-08 11:58

reporter   ~0019668

It's not strictly related to HiDPI since you can't enlarge the mixer strip on the left even on regular screens. There are two only sizes available. The "largest" one is not too bad on a regular screen, but proportionnally, I think it does not take as much horizontal space on a HiDPI screen. I might be wrong. Anyway, it would be nice to arbitrarily resize the mixer, but I can open a separate bug report.

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