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0007226ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:18
Reportert6sn7gt Assigned Tox42  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform?OSOpenSuse Leap 42OS VersionVersion: rev 5.5
Product Version5.5 
Summary0007226: EDITOR -- Rulers need more vertical space
DescriptionVersion: rev 5.5-725-g987c1cb
OpenSuse Leap 42
Dell P2415Q monitor
Steps To ReproduceRulers are unusable. Way too scrunched vertically. They need about 1/2" more vertically and the Timecode font needs to be 1 or 2 pts larger, a bit more like the Nudge size above it. In the ruler, the font size for the meter 4/4 and tempo 120.000 (which are actually quite readable) are larger than the font size for the labels "Meter and Tempo". So, for example, the 4/4 overlaps the ruler space for Tempo and the 120.000 overlaps the ruler space for Range Markers. It's a real mess.
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related to 0007331 new Some elements don't scale with HiDPI displays 



2017-02-06 00:31



2017-02-18 11:21

reporter   ~0019410

does anything change when you alter the font scaling in the preferences tab?


2017-02-18 17:15

reporter   ~0019413

Rulers are fine here in Ardour 5.6, so the problem must be connected to something in the OP's system.


2017-02-19 22:54

developer   ~0019418

Is this with GUI and font scaling set to default/100% in Preferences?

Have you tried changing the font scaling and does it fix the issue?

I don't have a 4K monitor to test this here, it is possible the default GUI and font scaling is not appropriate in that case.


2017-02-20 19:51

reporter   ~0019421

I have exactly the same issue. I'm using a Dell Precision 7510 with the 4K display screen. I have to run the GUI scaling slider to 200% (max) to get a usable screen. The ruler (specifically) is badly squashed.

OS is Ubuntu 16.04, using Intel/Nvidia display (Nvidia Prime enabled.) This is an issue with the Ubuntu desktop, and Mate as well.

Oh, and some of the GUI elements (specifically checkboxes) are really tiny, also.


2017-02-22 01:03

reporter   ~0019429

The ruler labels get bigger or smaller, though they're still 'tight'. But the tempo "120" is still supersized at all GUI scaling.


2017-05-04 20:03

reporter   ~0019654

OK, ok. I finally had to have a go at it.

In change:
timebar_height = std::max(12., ceil (15. * ARDOUR_UI::ui_scale));


timebar_height = std::max(12., ceil (15. * UIConfiguration::instance().get_ui_scale()));

All fixed.

This will probably fix 0007331 too.


2017-05-05 12:01

administrator   ~0019657

Applied in Ardour 5.8-648-g833515586 - thanks


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023714

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