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0007259ardourfeaturespublic2020-07-30 08:52
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Summary0007259: Different color for linked and unlinked midi regions
DescriptionIn order to better distinguish between linked and un-linked regions it would be good to give them each a different color or tint.
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duplicate of 0006083 new Visual indication that midi patterns are linked 
related to 0008342 new Optimize Ardour's defaults for MIDI editing 



2017-03-04 03:26

developer   ~0019462

I would agree that a better visual indication is needed to distinguish linked and unlinked MIDI regions, but I'm not sure I agree that using a different color is the best way to represent this. Other DAW's usually represent shared/linked copies with some sort of icon on the event/region AFAIK.


2017-04-07 11:29

reporter   ~0019601

with colours you'll be able to spot the linked regions much faster then a tiny icon
also when you zoom out .. where are the icons then ?

when I have time (never btw) I'll do a mock-up


2017-06-15 08:35

reporter   ~0019793

@rghvdberg, look here:

The linked regions could belong to different tracks and I think in this case the colorizing of linking regions could make a confusion.

I had made a feature request about highlighting linked regions few months ago:


2017-06-15 08:38

reporter   ~0019794

Also, a similar video:

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