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Summary0006795: Midi Buffer Split-Cycle and Offset
DescriptionThe Ardour::Buffer API has both src and dst offset (for the current cycle)

This is currently not properly implemented for Midi Buffers provided to Plugins.

When Ardour splits the process cycle (loop, automation)

1) midi buffers ignore the cycle-length:
  e.g a sub-cycle 0..64 can contain later events (e.g. at 1023)

2) the offset is not applied for sub-cycles

3) Timecode / BBT which is sent to plugins is not updated/offset for split-cycles.

(NB. looping is handled by Midi Diskstream a level above)
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parent of 0006790 closedx42 Hanging notes, if (dense) automation for the LV2 synth plugin is on "play" 



2020-04-19 20:17

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