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0006143ardourotherpublic2020-03-15 17:18
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Summary0006143: New ArdourDropdown class does not respond to mousewheel
DescriptionThe mouse wheel no longer has any effect on the drop-down list controls in the top of the editor (zoom focus, grid, &c.).
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2015-01-23 01:49

administrator   ~0016271

Note to devs: when implementing this, special-case drop-downs in the track-header (e.g midi-track). vertical scroll always scrolls the canvas there.


2015-02-04 18:15

administrator   ~0016322

in addition, the API sucks. It should be done using actions, not menu items.


2015-12-03 19:55

reporter   ~0017688

The original issue seems fixed since quite a while but now also the first comment is taken into account. I'll mark that resolved.

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