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0005589ardourotherpublic2015-01-21 22:42
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Summary0005589: outstanding issues with cairo-canvas branch
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parent of 0006142 closeddrobilla missing note off with "Sound MIDI notes as they are selected" 
parent of 0006143 closedchaot New ArdourDropdown class does not respond to mousewheel 
parent of 0006144 new No templates available when creating a new session 
parent of 0006145 new Save/restore of visual state is not implemented 
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2013-12-28 19:58

developer   ~0015515

Last edited: 2015-01-21 19:38

The red peak marks on waveforms cannot be switched off.

This is now configurable, but is not saved or applied correctly or persistently.

EDIT: fixed in 3.5-4345-gc7c8cc7


2013-12-28 20:10

developer   ~0015519

Last edited: 2014-06-05 18:16

Fades on some regions don't extend to the region bounds, there is a 1 or 2 pixel slice of the underlying region visible at the start or end of the region.

** JUNE 4th 2014 **

is this still an issue?


2013-12-28 20:21

developer   ~0015521

Region translucency doesn't work. When moving one region over another it was always useful to be able to see through the region being moved to the regions below that it is being moved over.


2014-01-04 15:47

developer   ~0015542

Last edited: 2014-02-25 21:14

Ctrl+A doesn't select all regions

NOTES: the logic here is:

 if (tracks selected) select all things in the selected tracks
 else if (in track) select all things on that track
 else select all things in all tracks

note that ctrl-a selects more than just regions, it selects everything selectable (including automation data)

this logic works fine as of 0cbf8f7deaae4623675453e1d5b1c6806808c9d2 which fixed a minor problem when moving below any existing tracks.


2014-01-17 19:21

administrator   ~0015586

the drag behaviour that i think you refer to above exists in master too, unless i'm not understanding it correctly. either that or it is fixed, and i'm just noticing new sub-optimal behaviour that has always been there.


2014-01-20 17:11

developer   ~0015598

Last edited: 2015-01-21 19:41

There should come a point when a region is so small that when the mouse goes over it it shouldn't try and display the mouse over contents of the region,ie fade handles etc.

EDIT (by x42): No longer an issue

small side issue: make region tiny -> fade-handles vanish, increase duration again -> handles don't show up until next mouse-over. But that is not a real problem (rg)


2014-01-20 17:17

developer   ~0015599

** Issue **

When trimming a region, when the trim is released the region gain envelope is shown momentarily.


2014-01-20 17:19

developer   ~0015600

** Issue **

If rubberbanding a selection and the mouse goes off the bottom of the canvas the view jumps immediately to the bottom of the last track, it doesn't scroll there smoothly. This is contrasted with the mouse going off the top of the canvas where scrolling happens, which is the correct behaviour.


2014-01-27 16:01

developer   ~0015633

Last edited: 2014-02-25 20:07

ISSUE - In range tool mode creating a range 'quickly' across many tracks results in some tracks not being selected, so not ending up in the range.


<las> it is sort of obvious why it happens
<las> no motion events are delivered to the intermediate tracks because the motion is too fast
<las> happens in master too, if you're fast enough

not sure what, if anything to do here. if it is easier to trigger in CC than in master then i guess i should fix that. but in general tracking fast mouse movements across many objects has been a problem in GUIs for decades. An actual fix requires hairy logic like "if you're now in this object, figure out all objects that the mouse must have crossed on the way here and check their state to ensure that the mouse was seen to enter them too". H-a-i-r-y.


2014-02-05 11:56

developer   ~0015655

Last edited: 2014-02-05 11:57

** ISSUE **

Region waveforms have a small amount of translucency regardless of the settings in the theme manager. This means that it shows the underlying region background colour, tinting the waveform colour. This is very obvious when you make the track height the smallest it can be. The waveform takes on a tint that makes it look very odd. This also means that the waveform colour changes with track height with looks wrong and inconsistent.


2014-02-27 15:02

reporter   ~0015690

When zoomed in on a stereo region, the top zero crossing line becomes lost/masked in the regions gradient colours. When the region is selected, and it changes colour, both zero crossing lines are then visible. Could the colour of the lines perhaps be changed so that they don't get lost in the gradient colours so easily? Image attached above

2014-03-06 22:57


recbutton.png (5,493 bytes)   
recbutton.png (5,493 bytes)   


2014-03-11 12:54

developer   ~0015709

Mouse icons aren't kept up to date properly. Noticed on fade and trim but might be the same else where. When you hover over the fade handle or a region bound the mouse cursor changes to show the correct icon. If you then click and drag you action that edit. When you release the drag the icon reverts to the normal mouse icon, even though you are still hovering over either the fade handle or the region bound. If you click and drag again the editing function does work but the icon is wrong. You have to move the mouse away and back again for the icon to be correct again. The icon should remain the correct icon regardless of clicking and/or releasing, while the mouse is within the target area.


2014-03-17 12:31

updater   ~0015713

Last edited: 2014-05-08 09:30

<control>+drag on strip at bottom of region to move start point of audio within region works in opposite sense to expected. <control>+drag left moves the audio right & vice-versa.

[EDIT] fixed in commit 349f66f4


2014-03-25 20:44

updater   ~0015724

Dragging fade handles leaves visual artefacts around region - see attached fade-handle-artefacts.png

2014-03-25 20:45


fade-handle-artefacts.png (1,652 bytes)   
fade-handle-artefacts.png (1,652 bytes)   


2014-03-25 21:25

administrator   ~0015725

those artifacts are just caused by the circles around the data points, whcih are not taken into account when computign the bounding box of fade. they are there right now for debugging/reminder of work to be done. so not a real problem.


2014-04-17 15:12

reporter   ~0015753


When "Sound MIDI notes as they are selected" is enabled, selecting a note plays it infinitely. I'm thinking that note off isn't working for previewing notes? I tested the latest master branch for comparison and it is not an issue there so this is only in CC branch.


2014-04-29 19:28

updater   ~0015770

I don't know if this is an oversight or by design, but the mouse wheel no longer has any effect on the drop-down list controls in the top of the editor (zoom focus, grid, &c.).

Also, when clicked, the drop-downs don't drop down "in-place", but from the point where the mouse was clicked - it's only cosmetic, but it feels slightly wrong to me...


2014-05-02 16:57

developer   ~0015776

Last edited: 2015-01-21 21:41

Selection Clocks are not updated if the selection is moved. eg, select a region, the selection clocks show start finish and length. move the region, but leave it selected, the selection clocks still show the original info.

EDIT: ^^ FIXED in 3.5-4346-g01d9987

Also selection clocks no longer show info for ranges if they are clicked on (pretty sure they used to)

EDIT: ^^ works for me (rg)

Selection clocks should show info for the last thing that was clicked on, whether that be 1 or more regions, or a range, etc.

EDIT: ^^ should be a new separate feature request. - not canvas releated.


2014-05-02 19:00

reporter   ~0015777

@oofus - I did a bug report awhile ago (see 5573). Sounds like the same issue. If so, this isn't specific to CC branch and has been in master for quite some time.


2014-05-02 21:25

reporter   ~0015778

Last edited: 2014-05-02 21:30

After trimming the start of an audio region on zooming in close, the waveform disappears. On reloading the session this probem goes away. Also doesn't seem to happen if the region was already trimmed and the trim is adjusted again. So only seems to happen when going from full length to trimmed.

2014-05-03 21:25


textspill.png (8,892 bytes)   
textspill.png (8,892 bytes)   


2014-05-13 01:08

administrator   ~0015786

hmm, i thought that carl had fixed the name highlight issue. perhaps not entirely.


2014-05-21 00:35

developer   ~0015798

In a new session it seems like there is no default loop range. So the loop button
doesn't do anything, also setting loop range from range marker has no effect(possibly related?)


2014-06-30 20:37

administrator   ~0015845

group tabs have a lighter default disabled/inactive color, and it can be edited from the theme manager window.


2014-07-01 19:55

reporter   ~0015847

Last edited: 2014-09-25 09:14

Verbose cursor text gets obscured by fade cursor when creating a fade

When scrolling to the bottom of the summary/overview window, the last tracks in the editor view get hidden underneath the summary view.


2014-07-15 07:33

reporter   ~0015850

No templates available when creating a new session

When saving a template and trying to create a new session with that template, the corresponding option in session setup under advanced options is not available. The console reports: 'Found nothing along /home/mikkl/.config/ardour3/templates:/usr/share/ardour3/templates' despite there (~/.config/ardour3/templates) being a saved template. Copying the template to '/usr/share/ardour3/templates' doesn't help either.


2014-07-26 12:30

administrator   ~0015856

views (visual state) only saves/restore horizontal scroll+zoom.

track visibility and vertical size + arrangement are broken in 3.5-2814

2014-08-30 12:09


panspill.png (9,239 bytes)   
panspill.png (9,239 bytes)   


2014-09-15 22:05

developer   ~0015886

Leatuspenguin, your "double-clicking in ripple mode" and "loop" issues should be resolved.

Regarding 0015858 ( Region gain is visible when selecting range mode ) ... this was intentional, because it should be possible to select a range of region gain, and adjust it as shown here: ( around 2:20) .... some details are yet to be worked out for A3.


2014-09-20 15:21

updater   ~0015891

Last edited: 2014-10-21 20:03

Peak indicators in channel strips show the I-beam mouse cursor, which is surely wrong.

EDIT (pd): should be fixed; widget is now a button, not a text-entry thing.


2014-09-20 15:40

updater   ~0015892

After toggling 'Use name highlight bars in region displays', display of regions is a bit messed up until the next time Ardour is started.


2014-09-20 17:20

updater   ~0015893

It's sometimes impossible to scroll the whole of the bottom-most track into view.


2014-09-20 18:01

updater   ~0015894

Curious visual artefacts as the playhead passes over a fade-out.


2014-09-21 11:16

updater   ~0015896

Last edited: 2014-10-21 15:21

When splitting a region that is below other regions, the newly-created regions after the split are drawn as if on-top, although they actually are below.

EDIT (pd): should be fixed. layering signals from playlist are now sent in the correct order.


2014-09-21 15:55

updater   ~0015897

Last edited: 2014-10-21 15:51

When 'Show gain envelopes in audio regions' is set to 'in all modes', the mouse cursor changes to the gain tool when over the gain envelope line whatever the mouse mode. This is confusing given that the gain envelopes actually can't be manipulated except in gain mode.

EDIT (pd): should be fixed in 46f5c0c


2014-10-28 09:15

reporter   ~0015946

Short duration loop ranges play beyond loop markers on first loop. Steps to reproduce -

- With the range tool, select a short range, 2 beats seems to work consistently for me
- Right click and select loop range

The audio will start playing but will play beyond the loop markers, before finally correcting itself after a few loops. Note that the playhead itself stays within the loop marker boundaries yet audio beyond it is being played.


2014-10-28 23:19

administrator   ~0015952

the "loop" issue (0015946) is not specific to what was known as CairoCanvas.

Now that CC has been merged into git/master this bug should be phased out.
Please only GUI add regression reports specific to the new canvas design here.
All other issue should be reported as "normal bugs"


2014-10-31 15:24

updater   ~0015953

Last edited: 2014-11-03 19:21

'P' to position playhead over editor summary doesn't seem to work any more.

[EDIT] never mind, it works now. I have no idea why it didn't work for me before...


2014-11-01 20:05

administrator   ~0015955

Since 3.5-3406-g90872c2

For two consecutive regions the box around a later region overlap the outline of the former.

The waveform inside a region is off by one on the x-axis (it currently is 1px too far to the right)

Midi-Note boundaries are off by one in the other direction. The x-axis outline is 1px to the left of the beat/bar grid and snap-points.

2014-11-01 20:38


A3.5-3424-g7baa327_TAV.png (85,335 bytes)   
A3.5-3424-g7baa327_TAV.png (85,335 bytes)   


2015-01-21 22:42

administrator   ~0016265

CairoCanvas branch is gone and all issues here have either been fixed
or migrated to new separate bug reports.

Case Closed.

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