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Summary0005737: VST plugins does not receive PPQ information
DescriptionIt seems like VST plugins does not receive PPQ information (not my words, but someone who actually knows what they're talking about ;) ).
I attatch a screenshot of the JuceDemoPlugin loaded in Ardour and in Carla for illustrative purposes.
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duplicate of 0002561 closedx42 Make Ardour to report time and tempo to VST plugins 


2013-10-19 14:37


ppq-screenshot.png (97,377 bytes)
ppq-screenshot.png (97,377 bytes)


2013-10-19 14:43

reporter   ~0015411 <- link to code that does that


2013-10-21 20:37

administrator   ~0015421

are you talking about Bars|Beats|Ticks or PPQ (which is quite different)


2013-10-22 14:01

reporter   ~0015433

Here's from falkTX (who I found the issue with):

<falktx> zth: vst doesn't have BBT per say, all the info is contained in PPQ
<falktx> zth: we need to encode the BBT info from jack/ardour to vst PPQ
<falktx> plugins will then know what to do


2013-11-10 22:39

reporter   ~0015480

I don't know it it's related but I can't make Filter-2 plugin to work (both LV2 and lxvst versions). The problem is it's not running envelope/automation inside a plugin. Position changes only when I hit stop and try from some other place on the timeline of a session. So it updates only on stop-start but it should do it automatically for envelope curve to work.


2014-01-15 21:08

administrator   ~0015582

I've just pushed changes to master that will provide a lot more BBT-based time info to VST plugins. I'd appreciate feedback on whether it works.


2014-01-16 03:46

administrator   ~0015583

more changes pushed. i've tested this with the "again" VST test plugin and it shows correct values at all times. if the plugin you test with doesn't update its display, that would suggest a problem with its GUI rather then the VST time information.


2014-01-19 04:50

administrator   ~0015587

this is fixed now, yes?


2014-01-19 10:50

reporter   ~0015593

Yes, fixed and working! :)


2014-01-19 12:09

reporter   ~0015594

Last edited: 2014-01-19 12:26

Fixed problem for me with VST version of TAL-FilterII plugin.
Could you please fix it for LV2 too?


2014-05-26 00:04

administrator   ~0015810

@mcdebugger, there has never been a problem with LV2 regarding this. LV2 plugins receive tempo, BBT, speed and transport position just fine if they ask for it.

If there's a specific issue, it is most likely with the plugin in question.


2014-05-26 00:06

administrator   ~0015811

tested and confirmed working in 3.5.308.

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