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0002561features2014-05-26 00:10
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Summary0002561: Make Ardour to report time and tempo to VST plugins
DescriptionVST specifications support asking host for tempo and time. It widely used for delay syncing, trance-gate syncing and for voice tuning by Melodine VST Plugin. As Ardour's VST support improved a lot, I'd like to see Ardour supporting this feature.

So functions to be implemented are: getTimeInfo and tempoAt.
For testing I found a simple metronome blinking vst plug-in.
It's called blinker and can be found here:

It seem to be made in synthedit so it creates some additional files in order to run, so I had to make /usr/local/lib/vst folder writable. So I'm able to open this VST plugin in Ardour2, but it doesn't blink. I'll put a bounty for the one who would make it blink.
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2009-04-09 18:56

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that's something for the FST author, as ardour is using FST for its VST support. Try to contact the FST author and tell him about it.


2014-05-26 00:10

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It's quite some time..

This should no longer be an issue since ardour 3.5.308
Please confirm and close (or reopen) this issue.

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