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0005706ardourfeaturespublic2020-05-22 17:48
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Product Version5.4 
Summary0005706: Track templates should contain the visibility state of the inline plugin controls
DescriptionIf you save a track template, it will save the plugins and plugin parameters but it doesn't save the visibility of the inline plugin controls. Instead templates load up without inline controls, even if the template was saved after specific inline controls were added.
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has duplicate 0007125 closed Track templates including controll settings 
has duplicate 0008138 new Inline controls are not saved with track templates 
has duplicate 0007803 new Preserving visible plugin control strips in Track Template 



2013-09-28 10:02

manager   ~0015351

+1 :)


2016-03-14 19:46

reporter   ~0018067



2016-11-20 01:24

developer   ~0019000

The track templates feature is no longer accessible in recent Ardour versions.

Creating a Session from a template with tracks that contain inline controls should work (tested with 5.4.399).

Duplicating a track by selecting an existing track and choosing Track -> Duplicate Track/Busses from the menu should also now work correctly.

So do you consider this issue to now be resolved?


2016-11-20 11:47

developer   ~0019006

Sorry, track templates are still accessible. My misunderstanding. I agree the visibility of the inline controls should be saved as part of the template.


2020-05-22 17:48

administrator   ~0024228

There is no easy way to allow this. The visibility is saved as part of the GUI state only.

Arodur-sessions themselves (and thus also templates) contain no information about this.

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