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0004604ardourbugspublic2012-10-20 12:13
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Product Version3.0-beta1 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004604: CPU load even when ardour is idle
DescriptionI'm using ardour3beta1a build 10644. On ubuntu 11.10 with kxstudio repositories enabled.
The build I use comes from the release page of ardour website.
I'm not sure it's really a bug or a normal ardour 's behaviour, but I can notice a CPU load from 13% to 25% even when I do nothing.
Nothing so high as reported in bug 4522, but enough to take some time to mention this here.

To reproduce :
1-start ardour3 (from a terminal : cd /opt/rdour-3.0beta1a_10644-dbg/bin/;./ardour3)
2- start a new empty session
3-wait a few second (till ardour is completly loaded)
4- Open a terminal and look à cpu load (with htop) or look at CPU load in ardour DSP report.

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duplicate of 0004522 acknowledged Incredibly high CPU load when idle 



2012-01-08 12:12

reporter   ~0012523

I'm seeing a similar problem..DSP sitting at 15% (no tracks configured and denormals set to not handled by processor)

I'm using a phenom II 1090T 3.2 GHz 6 cores on a highly optimised gentoo 32 bit system.

When I get some time I'll build a 64 bit system for comparison.

It was much higher (0000041:0000025%) but then turned off turbocore in the BIOS..I am not using any cpu throttling for power management...


2012-10-17 22:43

administrator   ~0014088

to be clear: ardour's CPU load should not vary particularly whether it is idle or not. the amount of signal processing going on is more or less the same whether the transport is rolling or not.

there may (or may not) still be issues with the DSP/CPU load in general, but the load is not reduced by making ardour "idle".

is this still a problem?


2012-10-20 12:13

reporter   ~0014114

Last edited: 2012-10-20 12:15

Using actually beta5_13072
Start with an empty session and ardour use about 7-8% CPU when idle and/or play.

Load a 12 audio tracks and 4 buses session and ardour use 37% of CPU on average when idle and/or play.

It's not really a problem for computers with good CPU and RAM, but I just wondering if it's possible to increase ardour optimization and dicrease CPU usage.

i'm not developper, so I don't know if it's possible, and i'm so happy to use ardour I can't blame you if you haven't the time to investigate on this problem ;-)

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