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0003727ardourbugspublic2011-01-23 00:10
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Product Version2.8.11 
Summary0003727: Naming a track "click" makes session unopenable
DescriptionI gave name "click" to one of the tracks. After closing Ardour and trying to open the session again I got a following error message:

"AudioEngine: cannot register port "click/out 1": a port with the name "click/out 1" already exists: check for duplicated track/bus names"

I suspect that the track output collides with the Ardour default metronome. I was able to open the session by renaming the track name in the text editor.

I attach the buggy session file.
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has duplicate 0003355 confirmed Naming a track 'click' prevents session from opening 


2011-01-22 17:22


a2i.ardour (50,626 bytes)


2011-01-23 00:10

administrator   ~0009969

Thanks for the report. There is an existing report about this problem. I will try to fix it for 2.8.12.

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