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0003355ardourbugspublic2011-01-23 00:09
Reporterdanboid Assigned To 
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Product Version2.8.10 
Target Version2.8.12 
Summary0003355: Naming a track 'click' prevents session from opening
DescriptionCreate a track, rename it to click (a very obvious and likely choice of name for a track of course), save the session then try loading it. Loading fails with a port registration error.

You can fix this by doing a simple Find/Replace in the .ardour file with a text editor to replace click with anything else but many people won't be aware of that as a possibility and so really there needs to be a warning for invalid or unusable/ reserved track names to avoid this.

Not tested but I presume its still present in 2.8.11?
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duplicate of 0003727 closed Naming a track "click" makes session unopenable 



2010-07-23 12:46

reporter   ~0008606

i can confirm this behavior for ongoing@7476.
the same happens when naming a track 'auditioner', but not for 'master' or for another name, which is already used for another track, like guitar, bass or what ever.



2010-07-25 11:20

reporter   ~0008631

I see this is fixed in 3.0 - a warning comes up telling you 'click' is a name already used by Ardour or if you try entering an already used track name.

I had no problems with using audition for a track name under 3.0 svn but not tried that under 2.x yet nor have I tried these under 2.x ongoing


2010-10-03 14:36

reporter   ~0009208

You can still name a track 'click' in 2.0 ongoing and have the session fail to load as a result


2010-10-08 18:50

administrator   ~0009227

this likely will not be fixed in 2.X unless someone volunteers to backport the fix(es).


2010-10-08 18:50

administrator   ~0009228

see notes. could be fixed in 2.X by an enterprising soul.

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