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0003449ardourbugspublic2011-10-19 23:18
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Product Version2.8.11 
Target Version2.8.13 
Summary0003449: Dual monitors jumping interface
DescriptionI have 2 monitors stacked vertically. When the number of tracks reaches the maximum height of the top screen, instead of adding a vertical scrollbar, the interface "bleeds" into the bottom monitor.

The problem is that the tracks that show in the lower monitor become unselectable. When I click on one of the lower tracks, the interface "jumps" up (so that the track is now actually on the top screen, pushing the menu above the visible area of the monitor) and still is unselected. If I try to select it in the position, the interface jumps back down and the track I was trying to select now finds itself in the lower monitor.

Furthermore, clicking on any of the menu items will produce a similar effect.

See the attached movie for a more eloquent explanation.
Additional InformationUbuntu Lucid with Nvidia driver version 256.53
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related to 0001520 closedseablade Strange X11 behavior on OS X in dual Monitor Setup 
related to 0001381 closedseablade beta 8: Active Window when both, mix and editor window are opend on two monitors 



2010-09-12 20:56

reporter   ~0009033

Looks related to 0001520 and 0001381

2010-09-12 21:04



2010-09-13 16:06

administrator   ~0009035

i believe that this is fixed in svn. i'm guessing that you use a packaged version of ardour, correct?


2010-09-13 16:08

reporter   ~0009036


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