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0003017ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:14
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Product Version2.8.4 
Summary0003017: The "mute" track button doesn't work by default

Right-clicking on the mute button of a track reveals several options to mute: pre fader, post fader, control out, main out.
However, by default, none of these options are checked, which means the mute button is ineffective, which looks a lot like a bug.

Setting "main out" as default seems a more sensible options:
- Novice users will have the plain mute they want
- Advanced users who expect more options from this button will try right-clicking
Additional InformationIRC log:

<ronj> hello
<ronj> bugreport (?): Clicking the record button of a track mutes the track, and the mute (m) button is ineffective. I'm using Ardour 2.8.7 compiled from source / ubuntu studio 9.10 / ffado
<ronj> note: the behaviour is correct when recording (hitting record actually switches recording on), but not when playing back
<dissected> ronj, try right-clicking on the various buttons and explore the different options
<ronj> dissected, thanks! I did not know about these pre/post fader and control/main out. Still, I think what most users expect by default is a simple brutal mute thus "main out" seems a better default to me. Am I missing something? Has it been discussed? Should I file a bug?
<ronj> The current design means these options are more discoverable _if_ the user thinks about right-clicking the mute button (I did not). Else it's just frustating and looks like a bug.
<dissected> ronj, I still consider it a bug
<ronj> agreed, I'm adding it to the tracker
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duplicate of 0002832 closedpaul `mute' doesn't mute 



2010-02-08 16:02

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This is a duplicate of


2010-06-02 17:53

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caused by incorrect conversion of XML element values to boolean values. fixed in 2.0-ongoing and 3.X.


2020-04-19 20:14

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