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0001830ardourbugspublic2009-10-31 15:37
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001830: Xinerama: Editor window moves to other screen when resizing window elements
DescriptionMy machine:
HP Compaq nx7400
Ubuntustudio, GNOME desktop
internal laptop screen (1280x800), external LCD screen (1680x1050), Xinerama activated

I have a large session (0000010:0000040 tracks), the editor window is full-screen on the large LCD, the mixer on the smaller internal screen.

When I move the editor window onto the small screen, I can't maximize it until I hide all but 0000009:0000005 tracks (or make the toolbars floating) and resize the window manually so it's smaller than the screen. When I un-hide some tracks, the editor window jumps back to the large screen. This is especially a problem when the large screen is not connected ;)
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2009-10-25 00:06

reporter   ~0006883

I can confirm this on a 64bit-Ubuntu Jaunty/64Studio beta3 Desktop with Ardour 2.7.1. I use an Ati HD3450 as graphics-adaptor, but I had the same issue in earlier versions of Ardour, with other Linux-Distributions (Debian Etch, Ubuntu Hoary) and other graphic adaptors (Matrox G450, nVidia FX5200): The mixer window behavious as expected, the main window wants lots more space than necessary.

Maybe I should mention this: My setup may be a bit strange. Normally, people use several monitors side-by-side. I've got a CRT on top of a LCD (virtually, of course! The CRT stands on a case...)



2009-10-28 22:25

administrator   ~0006919

Can confirm the unable-to-maximise part; didn't check the rest.


2009-10-31 14:32

administrator   ~0007028

sounds like a GTK issue. ardour doesn't too many games with its window size(s).

is there any particular reason to be using Xinerama anymore? i used to, but XRandr is massively better in every way.


2009-10-31 15:37

reporter   ~0007036

Oh - didn't knew there was a difference... :)
Then I guess the issue doesn't depend on using xinerama. I'm using a pretty recent version of Ubuntu. If xinerama is deprecated and XRanr is the new way to do it, I seem to be using XRandr, now...

As I read hannes' report again, I'm not sure, if my problem's exactly the same. So, I'll try to describe my problem as best as I can to make it reproducable:

I've got two monitors, both with the resolution 1280x1024, one on top of the other. My default setup is that I put the main window of ardour on the top monitor, and the mixer window on the one below. The problem is: If there is no more space left in the main window, it is getting larger until all tracks are visible on the screen, again. The main window doesn't care fitting on the upper monitor. I would expect, that I get a scolling bar on the left side and that some tracks are hidden, instead of getting my main window overlapping my mixer.
O.k. - I get a scroll bar, but the scroll bar is useless. I can't scroll, because the window's bigger, now. (sorry, don't know how to say it a better way.) There is no possibility to make it smaller, again. It doesn't matter if the window is maximized or not. Also, it doesn't matter if I have 5 tracks zoomed or 20 tracks very small. My only chance is to unzoom tracks or hide them to make the main window fitting in the top monitor, again...

Hope, my problem is clear, now. Ask me, if you have any questions...!

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