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0001384ardourfeaturespublic2008-11-21 00:32
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Summary0001384: Ardour at 1024x768
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to maximize ardour correctly with a resolution of 1024x768. All the versions of ardour that I've tried (0.99, 2.0beta*) always leave a section of the editor window out of the screen area...

I don't post this as a bug because I know ardour is designed to be used at higher resolutions, maybe with more than one screen available... but often I use it on a low-end machine (a laptop) to record or do simple editing tasks.

I know other people that records their gigs with a laptop, and I think ardour would be perfect for such task, if not for this annoying problem.
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duplicate of 0001240 closedpaul Gui window does not fit into 1024x768 



2006-12-19 20:39

administrator   ~0002923

we believe that 2.0beta9 satisfies this goal.


2006-12-24 13:35

reporter   ~0002950

I tried 2.0beta9 but the problem remains :-(

I've attached a screenshot of my machine running ardour at 1024x768. The window manager is fluxbox (btw, ardour misbehave also under kde and gnome, so I think this is not a window manager-related bug).

2006-12-24 13:36


maximize_ardour.png (43,657 bytes)   
maximize_ardour.png (43,657 bytes)   


2006-12-28 01:26

reporter   ~0002955

It's a type size setting problem. You can decrease the type size in a GTK config file if I remember well. It will make the Ardour edit window fit your screen.


2006-12-28 20:08

reporter   ~0002959

Thanks to some suggestions in the forums, I found that Ardour 0.99 behaves correctly if the locale is en_US; the problem remains with Ardour 2.

I played a bit with the interface and I found that there are two widgets that exceed the 1024-bit boundary: the menu bar and the transport bar (the one with clocks, transport buttons etc...).
The transport bar can be easily fixed by removing one of the two clocks (right-clicking on it and setting it to "off"), the problem is the menu bar...

Together with the menu items, it shows some information (cpu load, latency, remaining disk space, etc...), that are useful but take a lot of room: it would be great to have a dock/undock button for these, or at least a compile time flag to remove some (for example, the system time).

Changing the font size should do the trick, only I think that having to change the system-wide font settings every time I start ardour is quite uncomfortable (not to speak of using ardour with tiny fonts)... however, thanks for the tip!


2006-12-30 03:05

reporter   ~0002964

ardour2.0-beta9 still doesn't fit into 1024 pixels width for me.

I believe my window manager settings are the default Debian 'etch' settings for the GNOME environment.

The problems are:
  width of first toolbar -- disabling one of the two big blocks works for me, but I'd prefer if changes like that were saved between exit/restart
  width of the second toolbar -- again, disabling any of the clocks works
  the width of the top menu bar (which uses medium_bold_text), which can be resolved by changing the font size from 8 to 7 in ardour2_ui.rc. This bar is only *just* too big, and even without changing this I can maximise ardour2 but only when the 'DSP:' percentage is below 10.0% !

After these three changes, ardour2-beta9 comfortably fits in my 1024x768 left-hand display where I can maximise it; I can then maximise the mixer window in my right-hand display.

One day I'll just treat myself to a decent-sized WXGA TFT (or two!) :)


2007-03-27 04:42

administrator   ~0003673

Anyone who is having issues should look at bug 1240 for hints on how to fix it.

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