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0001240ardourbugspublic2007-07-04 09:53
Reporterstefan Assigned Topaul  
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Summary0001240: Gui window does not fit into 1024x768
DescriptionThe ardour window is too wide for my 1024x768 resolution, effectively overlapping a bit to the next desktop. Therefore I can't maximize it or really use the right side menu without repeatedly moving the window to and fro.
Maybe lowering the width of some buttons or the time fields is possible?
Or removing one of the options buttons, e.g. timing, don't know if it is important where it is.
I'm using ardour on a laptop with the maximum resolution of 1024x768, so I have no other choice...
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has duplicate 0001384 closedtaybin Ardour at 1024x768 



2006-06-19 14:18

reporter   ~0002513

As a (temporary?) workaround you can disable one of the two clocks (right-click>mode>off). I don't know if you can save this setting permanently in a config file somewhere.

Then edit your ardour2_ui.rc (usually in /usr/local/etc/ardour2) as follows...

    style "medium_bold_text"
      font_name = "sans bold 8"

    style "medium_bold_text"
      font_name = "sans bold 7"

Then, ardour2 should let you make the window narrow enough to fit in 1024x768 and you can then maximise it.

This is what I'm doing at the moment because I always used two 1024x768 displays with the editor in one and the mixer in the other. It would be nice if ardour2 would fit into 1024x768 by default, especially since it's only a few pixels too wide when using the default settings.

Hope this helps!


2006-10-22 19:22

reporter   ~0002524

I also have a 1024x768 screen and have this problem. I know that since some recent version, the GUI was adjusted to be able to fit in 1024x768, and it does - sometimes. Some events cause the GUI to resize itself, making itself a bit too large for the screen. To get it to fit again I have to un-maximize the window (by first dragging the window to the left to get the maximize button back on the screen) and re-maximize it. I find this happening often. For example, showing or hiding the editor mixer causes this.

It would be nice if Ardour would not resize itself when maximized.


2006-10-26 20:39

administrator   ~0002533

ardour has no idea if it is maximized (not F11 maximized).


2006-10-27 02:18

reporter   ~0002536

I see - would a setting to disable resizing except manually by the user be in the cards? This might be useful even for people with higher resolutions, e.g. if they want to keep their windows tiled in a certain way.


2006-10-27 02:48

administrator   ~0002537

the GTK GUI toolkit doesn't work that way.

the resizing that happens is because we (programmatically) make some change to what is displayed, and GTK automatically resizes the window to fit. the problem is because of the change that is made, the resize is merely the symptom.

it might help if you could identify what changes you notice that drive the resize.


2006-11-23 23:59

reporter   ~0002824

Here are the things I can find that resize the editor window.

- show or hide editor mixer (shift-E)
- change editor mixer width (wide to narrow or narrow to wide)
- change track height (increase or decrease)
- F11 twice

In F11-maximized mode, these things do not cause a resize.

I can see now that preventing automatic resize wouldn't really fix the problem, because the toolbars are always wider than 1024 pixels, and they are just cut off if the window is narrower than their actual width.

2007-01-24 04:28


ardour2_ui.rc (42,766 bytes)


2007-01-24 04:29

reporter   ~0003103

Last edited: 2007-01-24 04:31

hi, i've a laptop with a 1024x768 display. here's my ardour2ui_rc file allowing the ardour's window to fit onto the screen.

hoping it will help somebody

See the Attached Files


2007-01-25 16:04

reporter   ~0003106

I think the problem is the menu bar... since it displays many informations (DSP load, system time, latency etc...), the only way to make it respect the 1024 pixel boundary is to use tiny fonts (tweaking ardour2_ui.rc).

It will be nice to have an option to dock/undock or at least to hide some of the information displayed.

2007-03-08 18:22


1024x768fix.patch (1,999 bytes)   
Index: gtk2_ardour/
--- gtk2_ardour/	(revision 1559)
+++ gtk2_ardour/	(working copy)
@@ -655,11 +655,11 @@
 		nframes_t rate = engine->frame_rate();
 		if (fmod (rate, 1000.0) != 0.0) {
-			snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), _("%.1f kHz / %4.1f msecs"), 
+			snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), _("%.1f kHz / %4.1f ms"), 
 				  (float) rate/1000.0f,
 				  (engine->frames_per_cycle() / (float) rate) * 1000.0f);
 		} else {
-			snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), _("%u kHz / %4.1f msecs"), 
+			snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), _("%u kHz / %4.1f ms"), 
 				  (engine->frames_per_cycle() / (float) rate) * 1000.0f);
@@ -682,7 +682,7 @@
 	char buf[64];
 	if (session) {
-		snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), _("Buffers p:%" PRIu32 "%% c:%" PRIu32 "%%"), 
+		snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), _("Buf p:%" PRIu32 "%% c:%" PRIu32 "%%"), 
 			  session->playback_load(), session->capture_load());
 		buffer_load_label.set_text (buf);
 	} else {
Index: gtk2_ardour/
--- gtk2_ardour/	(revision 1559)
+++ gtk2_ardour/	(working copy)
@@ -690,11 +690,11 @@
 	sample_rate_label.set_name ("SampleRate");
 	menu_hbox.pack_start (*menu_bar, true, true);
-	menu_hbox.pack_end (wall_clock_box, false, false, 10);
-	menu_hbox.pack_end (disk_space_box, false, false, 10);
-	menu_hbox.pack_end (cpu_load_box, false, false, 10);
-	menu_hbox.pack_end (buffer_load_box, false, false, 10);
-	menu_hbox.pack_end (sample_rate_box, false, false, 10);
+	menu_hbox.pack_end (wall_clock_box, false, false, 1); 
+	menu_hbox.pack_end (disk_space_box, false, false, 4);
+	menu_hbox.pack_end (cpu_load_box, false, false, 4);
+	menu_hbox.pack_end (buffer_load_box, false, false, 4);
+	menu_hbox.pack_end (sample_rate_box, false, false, 4);
 	menu_bar_base.set_name ("MainMenuBar");
 	menu_bar_base.add (menu_hbox);
1024x768fix.patch (1,999 bytes)   


2007-03-08 18:23

developer   ~0003537

After applying the attached patch...

and getting rid of the second clock in the tool bar...

ardour2 maximizes well on my mac running FC6 at 1024x768...

To me it also makes sense to arbitrarily not show the second clock on a screen with 1024x768 resolution.


2007-04-07 17:52

administrator   ~0003763

recent svn and 2.0rc1 will hide the secondary clock, the disk space display and the wall clock if the screen width is less than 1100 pixels.

i believe that this should be the end of this bug. i'm leaving it open in case height is still an issue.


2007-04-08 03:37

reporter   ~0003764

Works for me - but not with my dual head setup (using MergedFB). The total width of both monitors is greater than 1024x768, so even though my primary (laptop screen) is 1024x768, Ardour doesn't hide these items when the editor window is on this screen. Admittedly, this probably isn't a big issue for most people using multiple monitors.


2007-04-09 13:17

reporter   ~0003771

i am here on a 1024x768 screen, but i never had problems with it, starting ardour always with: 'LANG=en_US.UTF-8 ' prefix.

is it now possible to switch the 'disk space display' on again, since i will miss that feature?



2007-05-10 11:53

administrator   ~0003915

this has been fixed in 2.0 and above.


2007-07-04 09:53

developer   ~0004094

Resolved. See Notes.

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