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0000879ardourbugspublic2005-02-04 10:452009-11-03 03:57
Assigned Topaul 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0000879: [PATCH] automation write mode moves control
Descriptionin normal use, a suitable value for a control (fader, plugin slider etc.) is found, then the control is left alone. if automation is later required, selecting 'write' will move the control to it's default value, making it necessary to find the desired initial value again.
could 'write' leave the control where it is currently?
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Attached Filespatch file icon 879.patch [^] (649 bytes) 2009-06-30 17:29 [Show Content]
patch file icon 879.2.patch [^] (1,302 bytes) 2009-10-28 15:19 [Show Content]

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has duplicate 0001649closed Switching to WRITE automation on fader clears levels 
has duplicate 0000922acknowledged When activating Automation, a dashed/vague line should indicate current value 

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peppot (reporter)
2008-11-22 05:06

I don't understand how this is related to 922?
nettings (manager)
2009-06-29 03:56

oh yes, please. this issue is still present in ardour 2.8.1, and it is extremely annoying while (hopefully) easy to fix.

this is a huge usability issue that should be addressed. i'd even consider it "data loss", because it fscks up a perfectly good mix just because you want to add some automation afterwards. therefore, i'd like to propose to up this bug to *major* status.

it can also be quite nasty when you use it while a signal is playing - thinking you are safely operating at -40dB and having the fader jump to unity gain can damage both ears and equipment....
cth103 (administrator)
2009-06-30 17:30

Attached a patch which should fix this. Can't think of any unpleasant side-effects, though they may well exist! Comments welcome.
cth103 (administrator)
2009-07-01 15:49

Patch applied to 2.0-ongoing SVN, so this should be fixed.
paul (administrator)
2009-08-13 09:37

nettings has some more input.
nettings (manager)
2009-08-13 09:46

using r5499, i find the bug is only partially fixed:

fader automation works as expected. when moving from "manual" to "write", the current, manually set fader position is retained always.

not so for the panners (tested both 2ch->stereo and 1ch->stereo):
when switching from "manual" to "write", and no automation data exists, the panner jumps to a default (hard left/right for the 2ch one, center for the 1ch one). if there has been previous automation data, it jumps to the last automation value. imho "write" should always imply that a new automation node is created with the current setting.

the same (wrong) behaviour can be seen on plugin automation: in the absence of previous data, the value jumps to some default when going from "manual" to "write". if there exists previous automation data, it jumps to the value of the last automation node.
cth103 (administrator)
2009-10-28 15:20

879.2.patch (attached) should fix the other two cases.
paul (administrator)
2009-10-30 10:43

committed to 2.X, rev 5988
nettings (manager)
2009-11-03 03:57

works for me now. thanks!

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