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0007677ardourbugspublic2018-10-17 05:342018-10-25 12:33
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Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007677: Akai Midimix Mute/Solo/RecArm buttons don't light up
DescriptionAs of 5.12, Ardour midi feedback doesn't seem to light up properly the mute/solo/recarm buttons on the Akai Midimix controller, either by mapping manually or with the supplied midimaps:

- Midi control itself works fine (both manual mapping and midimaps).
- Buttons light up properly if triggered from software (so this is not a user error when selecting the midi out).
- Buttons don't light up (or off) when pressed and released on the HW.
- This is not a defect with my unit - midi feedback works for example in Qtractor, or in PureData.

The Midimix buttons are known to be quite tricky to get working properly: they send a note on when pressed and then a note off, but only once released (there could be a timing issue there).
They also won't light up on anything else than the factory settings, although they can be remapped with the Akai editor.

The controller is essentially stateless and controlled from software. In Qtractor, for the button lighting to work, one need to uncheck the "latch" checkbox (and of course enable midi feedback).
I was looking for a similar setting in Ardour midimaps documentation to no avail.

As I understand the issue, there is possibly something that changed in Ardour midi feedback implementation since the midimix mappings were done, back in 2016 (the author also mentions some button lighting quirkyness in the comments).
Unfortunately I cannot confirm what was the behavior in older versions.

If that can be of any use, I wrote a pd patch for button lights control that works quite ok (but not perfectly) and allows to use the midimix with software that lacks midi feedback (like Renoise): [^]

Steps To ReproduceSelect the Midimix, Gen. Midi, load one of the supplied midimaps:

mute/unmute, etc..
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gimmeapill (reporter)
2018-10-17 05:57

Updating the reference to Qtractor: The "non-latch" setting is actually called "Momentary", see the commit: [^]
gimmeapill (reporter)
2018-10-19 01:03

Tested also with 6.0 pre. The behavior is the same.

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