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0007633ardourbugspublic2018-06-18 04:482018-06-18 05:10
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PlatformMACINTOSHOSOSXOS Version10.11
Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007633: Adjust Latency - works inverse
DescriptionWhen I see this latency adjustment I feel love with Ardour, because in ProTools always have to use a plugin. Why?!
If I have a multitrack recording with spot microphones in the orchestra, only have to simply delaying tracks from the basis microphones.
It's a brilliant option!

But I have to found a bug.
I setting a latency time and it's sounds "interesting". I don't know why.
I listend it a few times. And I try to set a pronounced 700 ms latency to hearing very well, and this track sounds before, don't after than other tracks.
So this parameter works reverse.
(And I have another problem with it. I set a latency time and when I reopen this option it's shows 0ms again.)
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x42 (administrator)
2018-06-18 05:10

This control is intended to manually set latency of some plugin that does not report its latency.

It is not a delayline. It is indeed inverse. The larger the value, the earlier Ardour will play the specific track.

Say a plugin internally delays the signal, Ardour needs to play data from disk early, so that after the effect delays it, it lines up again.

Anyway, there are various bugs with that control, most of which will be fixed in the nact major release. Also "0" currently means "default, ask plugin" (not literally zero).

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