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0004044ardourfeaturespublic2011-05-14 13:172011-05-16 11:59
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Summary0004044: Something needs to be done about the Region context menu.
DescriptionIMO, there's too much stuff in it.

There's some low-hanging fruit, however. In many cases, there are irrelevant items. Could they be completely hidden when they're irrelevant? Some examples:

* "Remove Sync" is, I think, irrelevant to a region which has no sync point defined
* "Pitch Shift" and "Transpose" will never both be relevant at the same time.
* "Make mono regions" is unnecessary for mono regions is just silly.
* Is the functionality of "Loop" provided by the "Ranges" submenu? Could it be moved there?
* "Close Gaps" is grayed out when only one region is selected. It clearly doesn't need to be there.
* The "Layering" menu doesn't need to be there when a region isn't overlapping anything.
* The "MIDI" menu doesn't need to be there for audio regions, nor the "gain" menu for MIDI regions.
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cth103 (administrator)
2011-05-15 13:22

There is an argument, supported by the GNOME HIG, that menu items shouldn't be removed when they are not applicable. See [^]

under Command Items

for their rationale.
naptastic (reporter)
2011-05-16 08:56

Yep. Las brought this up in IRC the other day.

I'm going to mark this "Acknowledged" because, given the GNOME HIG, I'm mostly out of ideas for simplifying the menu, but I think somehow it still needs to be done.
naptastic (reporter)
2011-05-16 08:58

Issue has been acknowledged by developers. Issue might be closed later or another solution could be forthcoming.

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