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0003452ardourotherpublic2010-09-15 05:002010-12-11 12:55
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Summary0003452: [PATCH] Transport record button is sluggish
DescriptionI have noticed that there is a significant lag when engaging record on the transport before a track starts recording. On the otherhand if you start a recording by engaging the record-arm button on a trank (with transport having record engaged), the system is far more responsive.
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Attached Files? file icon test_a3_55.ardour [^] (135,823 bytes) 2010-09-15 16:24
patch file icon slow-rec-engage.patch [^] (514 bytes) 2010-09-18 11:18 [Show Content]

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paul (administrator)
2010-09-15 07:44

do you have any ogg files present in the session?

i've seen similar behaviour in sessions where i had ogg embedded in the session. but this may be something different .. how long would you estimate the lag is?
lincoln (reporter)
2010-09-15 08:06

No ogg files are present in the session. It is a bit hard to estimate, but you can certainly see it happening. You click but recording starts a bit later.
paul (administrator)
2010-09-15 12:47

i'm not seeing this. might be worth attaching the .ardour file, especially if you can make it happen on a new(ish) session.
lincoln (reporter)
2010-09-18 11:19

Added a patch to address this. I think we had done something similar in A2. Session state is being taken on record engage and this is pretty slow if you have a session with many regions.
cth103 (administrator)
2010-09-21 07:29

Patch applied to SVN. Thanks!
cth103 (administrator)
2010-09-21 08:02

Reverting the patch. Paul pointed out that without this save, there is no chance of recovering from a crash during record as there is no note of the sources that were used for that record. There is probably a quicker way to do this than saving the whole session, though.

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